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2018 - Sep - 26

Independent firm of Birjand water

This firm is the first organization of water supply in Iran which has been started its activity in 1923 in Birjand. The formation and establishment of this firm and its organizational units is as follows: Objectives: The purpose of establishing this firm is to deal with matters related to the maintenance of the course of water pipes in Birjand and the development of its piping network for the general enjoyment of the inhabitants of this town. Founders: the composition of the board of founders is a group of 30 people including top clergymen, wealthy merchants and contemporary politicians such as representative of the region and some of academics. Establishment: in order to provide water in Birjand in past times, benevolent and righteous people built reservoirs (water storage) which were filled by waters of aqueducts and hillside villages of Bagheran. They were the sole source of drinking water supply in summer for residents. The construction of Karaj- Tehran channel was built in 1927 and the implementation of this project which was began from Bylqan village in Karaj, Tehran`s Jamshid Abad, lasted 4 months. The length of this path was 53 km of which 20 km was kennel; water in this path was wasted and contaminated. In 1951 the first plan of plumbing (or canalization) of Tehran was conducted based on the population of 900 thousand people.

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